Introducing this microsite

How do our stem cells develop into mature cells? This is the question that this microsite will attempt to answer.

How does the information in our genomes work with the molecules in and around our cells to change our bodies so dramatically?

The epigenetic landscape is a visual way of thinking about these processes, and is a useful tool for clear thinking about other problems in biology, too.

The epigenetic landscape was imagined  by an English scientist called Conrad (Hal) Waddington. Waddington was unusual, because he was as interested in art as he was in biology. The first glimpse of the epigenetic landscapes was in a painting  by the famous artist John Piper. If you look carefully, you will see there is something mysterious about it.

[This microsite will be developed over the coming weeks. Bookmark the site and see how we get on exploring the hills and valleys of our new landscape.

There are free teaching resources available under the Resources for Schools menu.]